It is the World Radio Day

 It is the World Radio Day


Andalus Institute for Tolerance and Anti-Violence Studies and Horytna Radios are happy to celebrate the World Radio Day on February 13, 2014, believing in the critical role that radios play in transmitting ideas, keeping the public informed, and building communication. At this day, Andalus and Horytna Radios emphasize the importance of spreading the culture of tolerance, fighting discrimination and creating spaces for building mutual understanding.


Radios have the capacity to reach a large number of audiences at lower costs compared to other means. Also, having the internet as a handy tool made radio broadcasting more accessible and affordable. The world radio day aims at raising awareness about the important role that the radio continues to play in the modern days. The UNESCO has declared February 13 as the world Radio Day after the Spanish Academy of Radio's request to establish a day dedicated to the radio on 29 September 2011.


Andalus and Horytna Radios would like to take the chance to urge the Egyptian government to enable Egyptians of natural and legal persons to exercise their constitutional right pursuant to article 70 of the current Egyptian Constitution. This article states "Every Egyptian … shall have the right to own and issue newspapers and establish visual, audio and digital media outlets." Liberating the FM frequencies for creating free and independent radios will be one achievement that supports the democratic transition.


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